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Medical Cannabis
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Press review

« This book presents in a very complete manner, the different aspects and issues of medical cannabis. »

Dernières nouvelles d’alsace

« A precious work
of synthesis. »

France 3
(National TV)

« To read. »

Le Pharmacien
de France

« This richly illustrated compendium shows how current attitudes toward medical cannabis are slowly changing — in spite of stubborn ideological resistance.»



































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From Marijuana to Synthetic Cannabinoids

Michka & Collective :

J. Cervantes,
R. C. Clarke,
C. Conrad,
Pr A. Jansen,
Pr S. J. Gould,
Dr B. Lebeau,
Pr R. Mechoulam,
Dr D. Richard,
D.E. Wirtshafter


    Complete Edition :
    • 320 color pages
    • 420 illustrations
    • 17 x 24 cm
    • Sewn paperback
    • ISBN 978-2-84594-129-8
    • EAN 9782845941298
    • 24 €
      Pocket Edition :
    • 320 color pages
    • 390 illustrations
    • 12 x 17 cm
    • Sewn paperback
    • ISBN 978-2-84594-128-1
    • EAN 9782845941281
    • 12 €


Medical Cannabis,
From Marijuana
to Synthetic Cannabinoids

This unique and timely book arrives just as a growing number of states are authorizing the use of medical cannabis.

Written by highly respected international specialists, it answers the most frequently asked questions about this unusual plant medicine, including:

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